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HOME | Collection | Site map   Hello, Welcome to World-Beater Technology (Wu Xi) Co.,Ltd Today is:


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Service and Products


Corporate Vision / Mission


    World-Beater Technology (Wu Xi) Co.,Ltd was established in Jan, 2008, is subordinate to Dongguan World Precision Machinery Group, our company located at ShuoFang Industrial  Park, Wuxi New Area, Jiang-Su, China. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, selling and maintaining all kinds of high precision parts, fixtures and automation equipment.

    Our company has advanced machining equipments & quality check-out facility ,such as MAZAK CNC machining center, FAUNC wire cutting, Grinding machine, Milling machine, Lathe etc, and for testing facility : ZEISS Trilinear Coordinates Measuring instrument, TESA Height Gauge, RATIONAL image Measuring Apparatus, Block Gauge, PIN Gauge and so on. Since the company was established, it has been devoted to Semi-high-end products machining & processing multi-varieties small batch enterprise



Add:No.26 YuAn One Road, Shuofang, New District, Wuxi, JiangSu PRC, China
Email:[email protected]

Contact:Kite_Xu +86-13812198119  

                 Ye_Jin +86-15895364906

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